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National Scarf Day

‘The Scarf – more than just a fashion statement’


When you visit your dentist, wait at the bus stop, or see your school teacher on
1 August, you may be surprised to find that they’re wearing a Scout scarf.
It’s the inaugural annual National SCOUT Scarf Day for SCOUTS New Zealand.
National Commissioner, Kelly Bleakley said that “the scarf represents unity
between 33 million Scouts around the world, and is a visible reminder of the
skills and values we hold”.


All past and present members are being encouraged to wear their scarf for the
day to work or school to promote Scouting and the adventure that girls and boys
aged 6-26 can experience.

A competition is being held by SCOUTS youth governance body, for the most
novel place to wear the scarf, or the most notable celebrity to wear the scarf
with. Ideas include wearing a scarf during a jump off the Sky Tower or in the

National Development Manager, Mark Long said "We are celebrating National
SCOUT Scarf Day by asking all current and past Scouts and Leaders to wear
their scarf and woggle to school or work for the day".
With around 400 Groups and more than 20,000 current members, there is a
good chance you will witness someone walking down a main street in your town
wearing their Scout scarf.
"At the same time, we are running a nationwide ‘Bring a Friend Initiative’,
culminating with the National SCOUT Scarf Day on Friday 1 August. Scouts can
earn badges if they bring a friend along to their Scout group.” said Mr. Long.
"We really are New Zealand's best kept secret" said Mark. "We have grown
steadily since 2008 and are continuing to grow with the support of our 5,100
dedicated adult volunteers and the world-class weekly programmes we provide”.
For more information about joining the adventure with SCOUTS, go to or call 0800 SCOUTS.